"American Radass (This Is Important)" - Dads (mottled red 12") "Self Titled" - Tancred (white 12") #dads #tancred


"American Radass (This Is Important)" - Dads (mottled red 12") "Self Titled" - Tancred (white 12") #dads #tancred

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Melodic Punk/Emo 

Sorority Noise is a group of tumultuous youths (read as: loud kids making loud noises) from America. Comprised of members from screamo darlings, Old Gray, and fuzzed out rockers, Two Humans

The influences from both projects can be seen clearly in this new band, the energetic tumble of Two Humans mixed with a heavy dose of melancholy and lyric driven songs much like the clean sections of Old Gray. 

Despite having lyrics that are sad to read like an 18 year olds first breakup via myspace ("Maybe I’ll smile just like my ex-girlfriends, because they can feel love but I can’t feel anything"), the songs on Young Luck have a pop influenced bounce that leads to head bopping and kids stomping about at live shows. 

Clocking in at under eight minutes, Young Luck is a fantastic opening effort from a new band with established names behind it. Far from being a hybrid of the two bands, Sorority Noise is establishing it’s own distinct sound, grappling with the uncertainty of leaving your teens and finding your own place in life and the world. (or maybe that’s just my interpretation and I am not very clever) 

YOUNG LUCK is up for free download via the Sorority Noise bandcamp


on cassette from Broken World Media (currently sold out) 

THE SONG PLAYING IS: Still Shrill (off the Young Luck EP) 

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Dream Pop/Shoegaze

Camp Jesus is a band from Sweden, committed to bringing you bouncy pop melodies seen through a hazy, unfocused lens from a distance. Because at their heart, the 5 songs on this EP have a pop sensibility and distinct hooks but are buried under reverb and fuzz pedals. Cavernous guitars swirling around strong, pounding drums and languid vocals with no real sense of urgency harmonise together in the haze. Outside of their consistent drifting, some songs build up to a distinct crescendo, instruments and vocal lines all building up on top of each other building up a true wall of sound, but in the most pleasant, pop-scented version sort of way.  As music to drift along to and hum melodies long after the song is over, with no real clue what was said, I think they’ve really hit their mark. 

Their debut, self titled EP is up on bandcamp for free. 


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Youth Funeral is a band who cannot make up their mind. 

Is this a negative thing? Not in my eyes, as across the five tracks of the EP, Youth Funeral explore elements of many different genres, all united under the general trend of screamo. 

The opening track “Thought Archive” blend elements of “wave” hardcore with demanding, powering drumming and ragged vocals, elements of math-screamo emerge on “Lush”, while “A Dream” is a spoken word respite before the final two tracks of the ep “Lovesick” & “New Gospel” hurtle to a close in a barrage of emoviolence savagery. 

Desperate vocals fight thrashing drums for breathing room in songs which don’t even touch 2:30 at their longest. For the debut release from a band, the Symptom of Time EP demonstrates a frightening grasp of melody, dissonance and structure all wrapped up in savagery. 

With the EP up on bandcamp for a “pay more than 0.50c” thing, or on mediafire for a free download, why would you say no to good, free music, or pay a bit for it like I did. 


THE SONG PLAYING IS: “Thought Archive” (off the “Symptom Of Time” EP)

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Park Jefferson 


Park Jefferson is one of those emo revivalist bands from America who have incorporated healthy elements of twinkly mathy stuff and a melodic punk sensibility. As with every decent emo band, they’ve broken up, reunited recently and put out this full length of a combination of rerecorded older songs and a few newer ones. This hiatus, and extra time taken to record the album has lead to a much more polished recording, far less chaotic and noisy than the older versions of the songs, lending a much more focussed and mature sound to the band. 

Twinkling guitar leads held down by solid rhythm melodies and persistent vocals, supported by sporadic gang vocals with almost a pop punk glean to them. Park Jefferson is one of those mathy indie emo bands with a true pop sensibility to the music, following choruses you could shout along to in a crowded room with honest, introspective lyrics, perfectly exemplified by "There’s Too Much Talk About Ghosts", ending with the gentle croon of "I’m restless like the summer, worn out like fathers day cards. Dripping from top floor windows, I threw up blood and crashed my car"

Is it worth listening to? If you like things which are good to listen to? Yes. 

The album is up on their bandcamp for a “pay whatever you want above $1” thing, or a free download (put up by the band) on mediafire. 


THE SONG PLAYING IS: Better Boy (Off their self titled LP

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ARTIST: late night beers
THE SONG IS: "Chiminea" off the Waking Demo
GENRE: Emo/Indie Rock

Another indie rock/emo band with a reference to beers in their name or song titles? Back up! But seriously, these guys are actually really good. 

Displaying a surprising maturity of songwriting and mastery of the genres they draw their influences, late night beers weave a fuzzy blanket of baritone vocals and gentle reverb to put around cold shoulders. With subtle elements of math rock darting around in their songs, paired with unobtrusive, yet catchy pop hooks and a healthy shoegaze sensibility, I’m exceptionally impressed by the range of sounds these young gents can work into their songs, while still maintaining a cohesive structure. To say the least, I’m eager to hear more work from them! 

Download their demo from their bandcamp (CLICK HERE)

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TITLE: “Pretty Good” EP

6131 Records
THE SONG IS: "My Crass Patch"

Following up the intensely well received "American Radass (This Is Important)" LP in 2012, Dads have really pushed the boundaries on the "Twinkly Emo/Punk" sound we had come to adore from their previous work. While the solid drumming and hook laden guitar lines remain a constant, the "Pretty Good" EP sees the duo experimenting with more swirling, fuzzed out moments along with much cleaner vocal lines (both in delivery and in recording quality) and the opening track "My Crass Patch" is the perfect example of this, throwing aside the clean twinkling opening of American Radass to instead deliver tumbling drums and much slower, darker guitars. 

Even tracks like the shamelessly energetic "Boat Rich" are more controlled in their energy, a much cleaner approach to their guitar melodies, subtle dual vocal lines and loud choruses. If you’re hoping to get “Big Bag Of Sandwiches” over and over again, you might be disappointed, but if you want a dynamic and engaging EP from one of the best bands to be powering through the American Emo scene who are looking to gracefully expand on their sound, then you’re going to enjoy this. 

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snakecharmeraz said: You got good taste in music! check out our blog and our music if you got a minute, we'd really appreciate it. We have a Facebook as well and all our music is up for free download.

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"Feast of Love" by Pity Sex on semi translucent brown/grey vinyl

"Feast of Love" by Pity Sex on semi translucent brown/grey vinyl

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Melodic Punk/Indie Rock

Sweet Weapons are one of those bands I’ve been meaning to review for a while, but I’ve been waiting for them to release something more substantial. AND NOW THEY HAVE. All Of My Best Friends Are Dogs is the debut LP from Sweet Weapons, featuring a collection of new and old songs, all presented wonderfully in a 23 1/2 minute package. 

This band has swept in from left field, releasing two short (one 4 song, on 2 song) EP’s, and just demanding attention from the musical world. Indie rock sensibilities wrapped up in layers gruff melodic vocals and intertwining guitars. There are distinct moments of early 00’s emo dynamic changes in there, especially in Strange Brew and Not Golden, galloping drums and driving guitars giving way to open breathing space and slower, picked melodies. 

The songs featured on All My Best Friends Are Dogs display above all else a real knowledge of a hook, striking in it’s simplicity and rawness, in a way that Melodic Punk can really deliver on. Sometimes lyrics like “I’m too distracted by the tiny summer dress she wears!” yelled over distorted guitars just really works for me.

THE SONG PLAYING IS: Blue Crush (All Of My Best Friends Are Dogs version) 
RECOMMENDED RELEASES: All Of My Best Friends Are Dogs, Demo 2011 (which has a song featuring Jeremy Bolm from Touche Amore)

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"Self Titled" - Sunny Day Real Estate (2 x LP Edition in pink), "Distressor" - Whirr (three colour wheel vinyl)

"Self Titled" - Sunny Day Real Estate (2 x LP Edition in pink), "Distressor" - Whirr (three colour wheel vinyl)

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So I’ve had this band on my radar for a while, but I have never been quite sure on how to write their name, as when I got their release cryptically titled  / / / , it was written as tongue. So I wasn’t exactly too sure, as some people were calling them tongue, others no tongue and yet others still chose to call them tongue crossed out. 

But with the release of their Body + Mind 7’, I’m committing to No Tongue and bringing this review to you today. 

With a bracing combination of art punk sensibilities (or lack thereof) and elements drawn from every side of screamo, No Tongue deliver 3-4 minute tracks full of emotion and surprising musicality. The bands ability to switch between genres and influences so fluidly in one song is something to be commended, driving art punk influenced sections that harken back to early At The Drive In that give way suddenly to gentle noodling guitars more at home in modern emo before hurling back into layers of noise punk and buried vocals. 

With both of their 4 song releases on bandcamp for free, why the frick wouldn’t you listen to them? 

RATING: Confusing band name OUT OF 10
Verknallt (Off their / / / EP)


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Whenever, If Ever - The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die #twiabp #topshelfrecords


Whenever, If Ever - The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die #twiabp #topshelfrecords

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"Sunbather" - Deafheaven (2 x LP edition - red & gold) #deafheaven #deathwishrecords


"Sunbather" - Deafheaven (2 x LP edition - red & gold) #deafheaven #deathwishrecords

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PITY SEX - “Feast Of Love” (2013)


So Pity Sex have finally released a full length, and it’s everything I hoped it would be. Taking the grungy emo sound from their self-titled EP and the shoegaze influences from their 2012 follow up "Dark World", the girl and three not girls have blended together a perfect amount of forlorn emo with fuzzed out guitars, tinges of dissonance and solid, pounding drums to create something really wonderful that sounds like 1998 never ended. 

Draped in reverb and seated on a throne of fuzz pedals, Feast Of Love moves through sweeping dynamics, dual female/not female vocals, shifting effortlessly through their noise pop, emo and shoegaze hats, presenting an absolute grasp of the conventions of the genres they draw from, and a willingness to move into new directions with their sound. 

FAVOURITE TRACKS:Drown Me Out, Keep, Drawstring
Digital Download/CD/Vinyl on RUN FOR COVER RECORDS

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